1. Top Reasons to Rent an Apartment

    You’ve been hearing for several years now that the Colorado housing market is hotter than ever. Sure, it would be nice to have a home of your own and start building equity. That said, does home ownership make sense for you at the moment? The last thing you want to do is pour every resource into a …Read More

  2. What to Look for in a One-Bedroom Apartment

    Maybe you’ve reached a point where you don’t have to rely on a roommate to help with rent. On the other hand, it could be that you just sold your house and want to downsize. In either of these cases, a one-bedroom apartment makes sense. Here are a few things to look for in such a living space: A…Read More

  3. Debunking Common Apartment Living Myths

    We recently discussed the top benefits of living in an apartment. Unfortunately, there are also many misconceptions out there regarding apartment living. In this post, we thought it would be helpful to bring some truth so these myths. Keep reading to learn more. Myth No. 1 - It’s not your responsi…Read More

  4. Things to Look for in an Apartment Walk-Through

    So you think you’ve found that perfect apartment. It’s in a great part of town, has some nice amenities, and, most importantly, the rent is well within your price range. You’re ready to sign the least, right? Unfortunately, before you start packing and loading up the moving truck, it’s a goo…Read More

  5. Top Benefits of Living in an Apartment

    Finding a new place to live can be incredibly stressful. Sure, you could explore purchasing a house in this white-hot Colorado real estate market. Another option, though, is to consider apartment living. Here are the top benefits of living in an apartment: Financial - Maybe you’re a few years out …Read More

  6. Tips for Finding an Affordable Apartment

    Whether you’re a current student at the University of Northern Colorado or just want a smaller living space in retirement, it can be difficult to find an affordable apartment. It’s easy to search for hours on end and still not have any real prospects. There is good news, though! By taking the ri…Read More

  7. Fun Things to Do in Greeley

    There’s certainly no shortage of things to do in Greeley. Whether you’re a student at the University of Northern Colorado or recently retired and want to explore new ways to fill your time, you’ll find what you're looking for here. Check out seven things to do in Greeley according to Livabilit…Read More

  8. Mistakes to Avoid When Renting an Apartment

    You need to find an apartment as quickly as possible. So you begin your search and rush through the process. It sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? The fact is that your decision relies on a number of factors, both financial and personal. Should you choose to cut corners, you could wind up pay…Read More

  9. Welcome to Our Blog!

    Whether you’re a current resident or just came across our site for the first time, we want to welcome you to Gateway Place Apartments. There’s no question that Northern Colorado is a great place to live and work. But with the number of apartments available for rent at the moment, how do you know…Read More