Maybe you’ve reached a point where you don’t have to rely on a roommate to help with rent. On the other hand, it could be that you just sold your house and want to downsize. In either of these cases, a one-bedroom apartment makes sense.

Here are a few things to look for in such a living space:

Ample vertical space

One-bedroom apartments at Gateway Place Apartments are 720 square feet. Obviously, you’re going to have limited horizontal space. Rest assured, though, that our one-bedroom units offer plenty of vertical room.

We regularly see tenants make the most of this space by adding shelves for additional storage or mounting their television to a wall as opposed to using a TV stand. Another pro tip: Opt for bookshelves or dressers that are more tall than wide. The key with one-bedroom apartments is maximizing vertical space.

Lots of storage

Who says it’s impossible to store your belongings in a one-bedroom apartment? Here at Gateway Place Apartments, our units feature spacious walk-in closets, as well as private balconies and patios with storage. By keeping your items out of the main living space, you also make the entire unit look (and feel) much bigger.

We often see tenants who are downsizing have trouble storing all of their extra stuff. Not to worry, though, as our staff has you covered. Feel free to ask about your own garage for an extra $75 per month.

Natural light

Have you ever noticed that a brighter room feels larger than it really is? Without question, one-bedroom apartments that get lots of natural light feel less cramped. So we advise looking for units with plenty of windows as you conduct your apartment search.

Full-sized appliances

Just because a one-bedroom apartment is smaller doesn’t mean the included appliances should be, too. If you plan on cooking every day, having a normal-sized stove and refrigerator and stove is essential.

There’s no need to worry about the appliances at Gateway Place. We always value the comfort of our tenants, which is why each unit (regardless of size) features top-quality appliances that look and function as if they’re brand-new.

Livable space

This is the biggest thing. The one-bedroom apartment you choose will probably be your home for an extended period of time. With that in mind, why settle for a unit that makes you feel cramped and claustrophobic?

Regardless of size, your apartment should feel like a home. It’s that simple.

The Best Places for Rent in Greeley

We understand there are countless apartment complexes in Greeley. So then why should you consider living at Gateway Place Apartments? Well, let’s start with the fact that we’re conveniently located near prime shopping centers, restaurants, parks, trails, and bus routes.

Residents have access to a swimming pool/hot tub, sauna, fitness center, as well as eight acres of lush landscaping. The units themselves include a wood-burning fireplace, pre-wiring for cable and internet, plus standard heating and air conditioning.

Gateway Place is Greeley’s choice for apartment living. Contact us today.