Upon first moving into an apartment, tenants often struggle with making the place their own. Sure, you have plenty of boxes to unpack, but how can you feel cozy in this new residence? Here are some tips for making your apartment feel like home, as referenced from Bustle:

  1. Do a deep clean – Your first thought may be to immediately decorate and arrange things. However, we recommend doing a deep clean soon after moving into your new apartment. Trust us when we say a thorough cleaning allows you to start fresh.
  2. Buy nice furniture – Renters tend to skimp on furniture in an effort to save money. This might seem smart until you start eating dinner on a card table and watching TV on a fold-up chair. Whether you plan on staying in your unit for one year or five years, do yourself a favor and invest in several pieces of nice furniture. You can always take them with you long after your lease is over.
  3. Value good lighting – Poor lighting can ruin the entire feel of an apartment, regardless of its features. So consider changing up the lighting scheme if you’re at all skeptical. Whether you choose floor lamps, table lamps, or a combination of the two, make sure your lighting scheme creates a cozy space.
  4. Display sentimental items – This will really make your apartment feel like home. Picture frames and heirlooms not only add a touch of personality to the pace, but they also have sentimental value. Take some time to display these items as soon as possible.
  5. Cook yourself a meal – By this point, your apartment looks more like someone’s home than an empty space. But you still have quite a bit left on your to-do list. Before jumping into something else, consider cooking yourself a meal. Experts say it makes such a difference emotionally when you can cook a meal in a new space. So forget about ordering another pizza and prepare yourself something to eat instead.
  6. Get rid of extra junk – You might be unpacking and think to yourself, “Why in the world did I keep this thing?” Use this time as another opportunity to get rid of unwanted items. Depending on the size of your apartment, you will probably be limited in terms of extra space.
  7. Have a party – As aforementioned, cooking a meal can help you feel emotionally connected to your new place. The same holds true with hosting friends and family for a party. Whether it’s a movie night, dinner and drinks, or another occasion, you can’t go wrong.

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