It’s time to kick back, relax, or maybe go explore and adventure to someplace new. Honestly, even just going on a staycation would be great right now.

No matter the reason you’re leaving your apartment, it’s a good idea to prepare your place to be set while you’re gone.

8 Things To Do To Your Apartment Before Vacation

Tell Your Landlord & Favorite Neighbors

Swing by the office, send us an email, or give us a call to let the Gateway Place management know you’ll be out of town for a while. Leave us contact info to get in touch if there’s an emergency or anything suspicious.

You can also let your favorite neighbors know too. That way, you have someone paying close attention to your home while you’re away.

Plan Ahead for Rent & Utilities

Your travel plans may put you out of touch with management or utility companies. Plan ahead to schedule payments online, mail payments before you leave or make other arrangements. The best vacation is a worry-free one, so look out for any bills due while you’re gone so you can manage them ahead of time.

Consider an Apartment Sitter

Have a friend that wants their own space for a while? Give them some freedom and yourself some peace of mind by inviting them to stay in your apartment while you’re away. An apartment sitter can take care of your place just as if you were still home. They can get your mail, check on your car, and take care of pets or plants. Grab a temporary parking pass from the office for them to keep in their car while they watch your place!

Deal with the Mail

If an apartment sitter isn’t your style, then it’s important to ask a neighbor to get your mail for you while you’re gone or ask the post office to do a vacation hold. You can place a vacation hold on your mail online or in person at the post office. The USPS has a handy Vacation Hold FAQ page on their website with all the details.

Even if you place a vacation hold on your mail, you should still have a neighbor look out for packages so they can pull them off your doorstep. The vacation hold only works with the USPS, so deliveries from other companies could still come through.

Think About Your Car

If you plan to leave your car at the complex (and you don’t have a garage), make sure to remove all valuables or cover them completely. Out of sight, out of mind. Then, park your car under a light if possible, and lock the doors before you leave.

You can also rent a garage at Gateway Place, which is the safest choice if you plan to leave your car.

Unplug Electronics

Save yourself some money on your electric bill by unplugging unnecessary devices and appliances while you’re gone. This article talks about the amounts of electricity that different devices pull, so you can decide for yourself what’s worth unplugging or not.

Keep your refrigerator plugged in if you still have food in it. Otherwise, there will be some extra spending cash in your pocket with the money you don’t have to spend on electricity.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Before you go, set your thermostat at a less-than-comfortable temperature to save more on your bills. In the summer, set it so the AC never kicks on or that the temperature is higher than normal before it does.

In the winter, don’t turn the heater off completely because you don’t want pipes to freeze. Any temperature 55 degrees or higher means you’re in the safe temperature zone during the winter.

No reason to cool or heat an apartment nobody will be in.

Lock It Up

Right before you leave, make sure every window and door is locked. You don’t want your beautiful vacation ruined by some bad news because of a break-in.

Now that you’ve checked these items, you’re ready to leave your apartment safely and in good condition. Enjoy that vacation! Hopefully they have a tiki bar! 🍹