There’s nothing like living in a place of your own. Unfortunately, with rent prices continuing to skyrocket throughout Northern Colorado, affording an apartment can seem like a pipe dream for many residents. We’re here to tell you that saving for the apartment of your dreams is more than attainable!

Consider these apartment saving tips from the team at Gateway Place Apartments in Greeley.

Create a budget

Not sure how much apartment you can afford? Start by creating a budget that accounts for your monthly income and expenses. Tracking what you spend allows you to see exactly where your money is going and, in turn, adjust your spending habits accordingly.

As you search for an apartment, try using the 50/30/20 Rule, a budgeting technique that distributes your income into needs, wants, and savings. This rule allows you to spend up to 50% of your after-tax income on life essentials, such as rent, groceries, and bills. The next 30%, meanwhile, can go toward “wants” such as new clothes, meals out, etc. The remaining 20% is what you should be putting toward savings.

Cut costs wherever possible 

Maybe you recently came up with a budget but realized it didn’t align with the 50/30/20 Rule. Now you’re forced to be creative with your finances and cut out several expenses altogether. Here at Gateway Place Apartments, we suggest starting with your grocery store trips. Whether it’s using coupons, buying in bulk, or shopping at a local discount store on occasion, you can save big bucks on your monthly grocery bill. 

Get a second job

Despite tinkering with the numbers in your budget and adjusting your spending habits, you’re still a ways off from being able to afford an apartment. At this point, it makes sense to get a second job. Even a part-time, weekend gig will put an additional several hundred dollars in your pocket every month.

Affordable Apartments in Greeley

At Gateway Place Apartments in Greeley, we know just how difficult it can be to afford an apartment these days. A quick online search shows that some apartment complexes in Northern Colorado are forcing their tenants to pay upwards of $2,000/month in rent! Trust us — no apartment is worth that level of financial commitment.

Part of what makes Gateway Place Apartments such an attractive option for renters is affordability. Whether you’re looking for your fifth apartment or your first, we have a unit with your name on it. Here are the three floorplans we have available at Gateway Place Apartments:

  • The Thompson – This one-bedroom, 720-square foot apartment comes with a monthly rent of just $1,279.
  • The Poudre – This two-bedroom, 806-square foot unit comes with a monthly rent of $1,419.
  • The Colorado – Our largest floorplan, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is 926 square feet and carries a monthly rent of $1,489.

Gateway Place Apartments also has short-term leases available for your convenience. Contact us today to schedule a tour!