An apartment, just like a new house, is an open canvas. In order to feel comfortable and at home in this space, it’s important to add your own personal touch. Trust us when we say that decorating makes a huge difference in the way you view your apartment.

Here are ten tips for decorating your apartment, as referenced from HGTV:

Add some curves  

Think back to the last apartment you saw. Did it have a boring, boxy look? Instead of copying this ho-hum design, try finding several round tables, chairs with a curve, and rugs that have spirals or dots. These items should give your unit a fresh, unique look you will appreciate.

Let there be light

Especially in a studio or one-bedroom apartment, you’ll probably try making the space feel larger in a number of ways. Here at Gateway Place Apartments, we recommend starting with a light rug. It doesn’t have to be pricey either.

Consider curtains

Not exactly thrilled with the blinds in your apartment? Curtains are not only an attractive accent for your furniture, but they can also make your space feel larger. Just be careful hanging curtains, as you are ultimately responsible for any scratches or nicks on the walls when your lease is up.

Think of layers

Maybe your bedroom feels a bit tight. Rather than worry about getting claustrophobic at night, why not use layers and a mix of colors, prints, and pillows to make this space feel larger? Considering you’ll spend a third of your day in your bedroom, isn’t worth your time to make it as comfortable as possible? We certainly think so.

Choose smaller furnishings

One of the most common mistakes apartment dwellers make is take up what seems like the entire living room with a giant couch. If you plan on having guests over regularly, this is a huge no-no. Make the smart choice instead and opt for smaller furnishings that also make your living room look and feel larger.

Use plants to your advantage

Nobody wants to spend much time in a stuffy apartment. What better way to breathe some life (literally) into this space than with a plant or two? Plants also add a much-needed pop of color to your apartment.

Consider a Murphy bed

Worried that your king mattress won’t fit in the bedroom? It might be worth your time to look at a Murphy bed as an alternative. What makes Murphy beds such an attractive option for those in small apartments is that they can be out of sight during the day.

Invest in several quality lights

We already mentioned the benefit of having a light-colored area rug in a small apartment. But how do you go about making your unit feel warm and welcoming? For us at least, it starts with having a lot of light. See for yourself how several lamps throughout your apartment brighten things up.

Arrange the space based on your needs

When it comes to decorating your apartment, you should never take a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Since space is limited, you might need to decide whether it’s more important to have a desk area or dining area. Remember that this is your home — make the space work for you even if that means arranging things a little differently from what’s considered traditional.

Add other personal touches

Now that we’ve covered furniture and overall layout, let’s get personal for a moment. If family and friends are at the top of your priority list, it makes sense to have a few photos of them displayed somewhere in your apartment. You can also liven up white walls with several pieces of your favorite artwork. Again, this is your new home for the foreseeable future — why not make it yours?

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